Bonanzatex Ltd. | Knit Products Specialist
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We strive to meet your everyday Knitted textile needs.


Its our pleasure & privilege to share few words with you about Bonanzatex Ltd. The name Bonanzatex today stands for trust, confidence and reliability to produce fabric & manufacture apparel for basic & fashion needs. Today, we are committed to build up a world class working environment & smooth working of our composite textile, apparel & sourcing business. Continuous innovations through strong research & development team have been our focus for supporting clients with their ever growing needs for improved quality & consistency. We are committed for improving of our employee’s life style, our society & environment. Our vision is to keep our customers as our core partners and our mission is to fulfill their needs effectively. Our focus is to have consistent growth in the direction of business excellence and growth in people’s quality of life. The untiring efforts of the dedicated staff members & workforce of the group have been the key factor behind holding high the flag of Bonanzatex Group.

Bonanzatex Ltd. is now ready to provide one point services to its entire present direct and indirect customer base which will also attract the potential customers who now consider Bonanzatex as one of their strong future supply chain hub.
Key to our success is the commitment we confirm, quality garments we produce, and the delivery we make in time by JUST IN TIME(JIT) concept. The imported branded machinery from the world famous manufacturer added extra value to our business credentials. We try to improve the workmanship and professional skills of the staff working with through imparting in house and local training. Quality is our top priority and we always look for the excellence choosing the best options.


We offers our customers a complete solution of knit and woven fabrics, laminates and composites. Bonanzatex Ltd. Specialty Products Division produces high technology fabrics for diverse end markets including water filtration, window covering, performance apparel, medical and other industrial applications.

We Design Fabric

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We Manufacture

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We Engineer

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Bonanzatex Ltd. is an innovative manufacturer and exporter of Men’s Women’s & Children’s Garment, Western Wear, Fashion Accessories, Promotional Garments, etc. We focus much importance on buyers’ requirement.


We are committed to making your experience hassle-free. If you have questions or are experiencing technical issues, please refer to our FAQs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to call us or email us.


Wibra (Netherlands), Essenzer, Clan, Candida, Navigear (Italy), Iceman
(Denmark).Yamada (Japan), CDRL (Poland), Piccollo (Czech Republic), Private Member (Canada) &